The quality assurance mechanisms for the Deep Tech Talent Initiative identify training programmes that are best fit for the deep tech sector, and provide the highest quality for students and enterprises, while taking into account the need to create broad access to deep tech skills building for learners of all age groups. 


The minimum requirements for training programmes under the Deep Tech Talent Initiative:

1. A proven deep tech sub-sector focused training programme; 
2. The total duration of the training programme should be of at least 2 ECTS credits equating to at least 50-60 hours (guided learning and student learning hours/coursework combined); 
3. The courses should be equivalent to at least a level 3 EQVET / EQF regulated training qualification (secondary technical level); 
4. The training provider should issue a verifiable certificate of achievement or qualification; 
5. The courses should only contain or use protected Intellectual Property or copyrighted content and materials that are lawfully granted. 

Training programmes with transversal dimensions of innovation and entrepreneurship, gender and inclusion, and global challenges and SDGs are welcome to apply. For details, please see the Deep Tech Definitions document.

Disclaimer: In the case of secondary schools and other non-accredited programmes, e.g. for professional training, the minimum duration can differ and will be determined to ensure that minimum learning outcomes are achieved.