Chemical design of low dimensional inorganic materials

The course should give a basic introduction to chemical principles in the synthesis of inorganic nanostructured materials. In addition, basic principles of low dimensionality effects as well as fundamental physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles – nanocomposites – nanomaterials will be covered.

Different wet-chemical methods, such as sol-gel, precipitation/ coprecipitation, hydrothermal/ solvothermal, combustion, will be discussed. These chemical methods belong to the bottom-up strategies of self-assembly, starting with the smallest possible entities, such as atoms and molecules.

Also, the course will reveal the correlation between the synthesis method parameters and nanomaterials properties and functionalities, detailing how the crystalline and molecular structure can be related to electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties. Potential applications and emerging of nanomaterials will be considered at the end of the course.

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