Securing the future of Europe’s competitiveness.
One million people skilled in deep tech by 2025.

The initiative

The European Union needs more tech talents for the green and digital transition. A shortage of digital specialists exists on the EU market, while vacancies increase as new jobs emerge.

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The Pledge

By encouraging partners to make a Pledge, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) will form an alliance of public and private organisations, industry representatives,  education providers, as well as other EU programmes and Agencies to help achieve the initiative’s aim. This Pledge system will allow potential partners and sponsors to support the initiative, as well as help identify the best existing deep tech courses and training.


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The EU will need more talent in deep tech fields to maintain a leading position in emerging and high-growth potential sectors such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, aerospace, blockchain and quantum computing. But its not just about being competitive, we need an adequately skilled labour force to power innovations that will ensure a sustainable future, solving global challenges in health, energy and climate.