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Joining the Pledge aligns perfectly with our foundational philosophy of experiential learning, a methodology we’ve championed for over three decades at Academia Institute of Technology. This approach is not just a teaching methodology for us; it’s a holistic educational philosophy that ensures our students don’t just learn theoretically but also gain practical, real-world skills. Our commitment to this form of learning is evidenced by our accreditation from both the British awarding body and Slovenian national accreditation bodies, underscoring our dedication to providing high-quality, recognized education across our diverse range of programs.

Our contribution to the Deep Tech Talent Initiative can be illustrated through our diverse range of short-cycle higher education diploma programs in Business, Computing, Engineering, and Art & Design. Each of these programs is designed with a heavy emphasis on practical experience, ensuring that students are not just prepared academically but are also ready to meet the challenges of the modern workforce head-on. This approach not only equips our students with the necessary skills but also fosters innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of their respective fields.

For example, our Computing program incorporates real-world project work and internships with leading tech companies, providing our students with firsthand experience in AI, data science, software development, network management, and cybersecurity. Similarly, our Engineering students engage in hands-on projects that solve real engineering problems, preparing them for careers in a rapidly evolving deep tech sector.

Our pledge to the DTTI is more than just a commitment to maintaining the high standards of our educational offerings; it’s a pledge to continue innovating and adapting our teaching methods to prepare the next generation of leaders, creators, and innovators. We believe that by joining this initiative, we can contribute significantly to the development of deep tech talent, leveraging our experience in experiential learning to benefit not just our students but the broader tech ecosystem as well.

For more information on our programs and our approach to experiential learning, we invite interested parties to visit our website. There, you’ll find detailed descriptions of our courses, examples of student projects, and testimonials from our alumni, all of which underscore our commitment to practical, hands-on education.

Today, experiential learning is a cornerstone of modern education. For Academia, it has been the philosophy behind every program for over 30 years.

Accredited by British awarding body and Slovenian national accreditation bodies Academia Institute of Technology offers students short-cycle higher education diploma programmes in Business, Computing, Engineering, and Art & Design.

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