The initiative

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative is a pioneering programme that will skill one million people within deep tech fields over the next three years. Deep tech innovations – cutting-edge technology solutions combining fields of science and engineering in the physical, biological and digital spheres – are indispensable in creating solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

However, Europe lacks the talent and skilled labour force necessary to properly leverage the new technologies to enable its green and digital transition. The EIT aims to address this gap, in line with the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, by developing a strong deep tech talent pool across all Member States. As Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem, the EIT is best placed to mobilise its network of 3 400+ partners and 70+ hubs across Europe to develop state-of-the-art deep tech education programmes. The new initiative will not only ensure the development of a skilled labour force, but also the retention of high-growth companies active in the deep tech fields to maintain and expand their operations in Europe.

The Pledge of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative will serve as a vehicle to form the EIT deep tech partnerships with public and private organisations, industry representatives and champions, academia partners and education providers, Member States and other EU Agencies to support the development and roll out of associated training programmes committed to support the aim of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative.

The Pledge will include:

  • Education and Training providers: Organisations that offer educational and training courses and are directly responsible for up-skilling and re-skilling talents. To some extent, education and training providers represent the supply side, although they do not have a monopoly on education and training in this area.
  • Enterprises or Enterprise Association: Enterprises that are using or developing deep tech. These can be start-ups or established enterprises. Enterprises can support the process through offering in-company training, mentoring, open innovation competitions and other means of support. They should be directly included as they represent the demand side. They also usually have an extensive training function for staff, and often sponsor degree programmes.
  • Financing partners: These are organisations that finance deep tech innovation, and can include financing of deep tech education and training. These could include venture capital firms, angel investors, etc. If the financier is a public sector organisation, it is recommended to list them as a Institution partner (see below).
  • Member States and Institutional partners: These include Member States, and other government and non-profit organisation, EU and national level Agencies, and other leading international organisations such as the EIB, EIF, the EBRD, etc.

What is deep tech

A new wave of innovation is emerging rapidly thoughout the world with the power to drive innovation across the economy and society: deep tech. Deep tech is rooted in cutting edge science, technology and engineering, often combining advances in the physical, biological and digital sphere. Learn how we define deep tech and which deep tech fields are targeted under the scope.

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EIT Ecosystem

A key asset for the Deep Tech Talent Initiative implementation is the powerful and reliable EIT Ecosystem of hubs which will dynamise the local industry, academia and research & technology organisations ecosystems to reach the expected objectives of deep tech skilled people in 2025.

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Quality Assurance

The quality assurance mechanisms within Deep Tech Talent Initiative will be designed to identify training programmes that are best fit for the deep tech sector, and which provide the highest quality and output for students and enterprises.

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