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Learning resources

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) provides the following learning resources on IP:

For everyone: The EUIPO Academy Learning Portal offers more than 600 IP courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. The full range of courses can be browsed in the Learning Catalogue, while the Learning Wallets contain a selection of courses on specific IP‑related topics.

The aim of the EUIPO Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on intellectual property is to improve the IP skills of all learners, from secondary school pupils and higher education students to any interested person with no previous knowledge of IP. The learner will receive a certificate upon completion of each module.

For SMEs and start-ups: The Ideas Powered for business website includes an IP training section with information on the most relevant courses from trusted sources. The catalogue covers a wide range of country-specific and global training resources in the areas of finance and funding, IP protection, business/trade support and legal/regulatory support.

The Ideas Powered for business Talks are short videos focusing on IP-related topics of interest to SMEs, such as the talk on ‘Deep Tech and IP’, produced in collaboration with the EIT.

In parallel, within the Ideas Powered for business website, users can access and use the IP Scan online tool. This tool helps companies and entrepreneurs to understand how intellectual property fits into their business strategy. It aims to help identify IP that is already protected and to highlight areas that businesses need to consider.

For teachers and students: IdeasPowered@School provides a range of ready-to-use educational materials on IP in all EU languages for teachers and students of all ages and levels. The aim of the project is to engage the whole school community in actively promoting the development of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and digital skills while learning about intellectual property.

The Deep Tech Finder

The European Patent Office’s (EPO) latest tool is the Deep Tech Finder. It blends data from Dealroom on thousands of startups seeking funding with the information on their respective patent portfolios as visible in the EPO’s public patent databases.

Deep Tech Finder

Recent years have seen spectacular growth in the startup ecosystem in Europe, with a new generation of European ventures emerging onto the world stage. Among them, deep tech ventures are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and engineering to address the key European challenges of digitalisation, sustainability and industrial renaissance. These startups face specific challenges when bringing new technology to market, such as high capital needs and a combination of technology and market risks that investors must be prepared to manage.

The EPO is well aware of the importance of patents for deep tech innovation, not only as a means of protecting investments in new technologies, but also as way to signal potential value to prospective investors. The Deep Tech Finder was developed precisely for this purpose. By enabling other companies and researchers active in deep tech, as well as investors, to search for European startups filing patent applications with the EPO, this new tool sheds light on ventures that have the potential to bring new technology to market on a European scale. By harnessing the EPO’s expertise in patent information, the tool also helps potential investors and business partners to find out what inventions are being developed in specific technology fields and assess their levels of protection by European patents.

Deep Tech Finder – Demonstration video

Intellectual Property and Deep Tech

Due to the nature of commercialising deep-tech innovation, intellectual property (IP) is essential for the success of deep-tech SMEs and start-ups, as well as for future entrepreneurs in this field.