EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Radar

This first version of the Deep Tech Radar covers the Manufacturing sector. The next releases will expand to other areas such as Climate, Energy, Digital, Health, Food, Raw Materials, Urban Mobility, Creativity and Culture. Furthermore, the DTTI Radar will complement the applications and use cases, with relevant information about societal challenges, skills, education and training.

The DTTI Radar, through a digital interactive visualization tool, allows navigation between emerging technologies. Each technology’s position on the map reflects its level of maturity according to its corresponding Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

In the Radar the technologies are clustered along the main manufacturing trends. Each of these trends comes with an introduction giving the path to systematic analyses and displaying technologies contextualized within the manufacturing sector. All trends also count with a Future Perspective section, containing narratives with medium to long-term scenarios to help readers visualize the future of manufacturing.

You are now invited to navigate this Radar and familiarize yourself with the very different impact that Deep Techs can have on the factories of tomorrow.

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