Stay ahead of curve with the
Tech Radar

Explore the latest deep tech trends with Tech Radar

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s Tech Radar is a dynamic digital tool built around 35 technologies relevant to deep tech. It visualises emerging technologies and the organisations active in them, as well as available courses for learners on the EIT Deep Tech Talent platform.

The Tech Radar has been built in collaboration with Pledgers of the Initiative, ensuring its relevance to the community. It includes over 60 use cases that anchor those technologies into real world solutions to tackle some of society’s greatest challenges such as climate change.

Users will be able to:

  • Students looking to develop careers in AI
  • Enterprises wanting to know how AI might affect future business
  • Training Providers looking to identify future skills gaps for course development
  • Financial Partner/Institution interested in developing technology and investment

Tech Radar features

Once logged in, users will be able to:

  • Discover skills gaps across deep tech fields
  • Find training courses in deep tech topics
  • Delve into examples of how deep tech knowledge can be applied
  • Explore links between deep tech and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Find EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Pledgers active in deep tech

All of which will help users assess how close to market reality the technologies are.