Our pledge
abodoo will support the Deep Tech Talent Initiative by contributing its Deep Technology Leaders Training Program, a four-week virtual training which teaches learners in AI and machine learning, Design thinking and entrepreneurship, Programming and web development and  Leadership skills
The course will give learners a holistic perspective on the impact of technology on society and the environment.

abodoo is a skills technology company transforming future learning and lives. Through the Skills Passport, Mapping and Matching they provide governments, educational institutions and employers actionable insights that can bridge the digital divide, empower individuals to access lifelong learning paths and ensure greater inclusivity for the future of work.

Like all good tech startups, abodoo’s origin was to address a fundamental problem – how could skills software ensure greater inclusivity not just in the office and cities but across regions with the evolution of a new way of working and learning. abodoo has now expanded from Ireland to the US, Europe and APAC working with Governments, Universities and Companies focused on investing, measuring and developing future skills.

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