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Deep tech is important for AGU because it derives research and innovation, cultivates talent, fosters collaboration with industry, addresses societal challenges, stimulates economic development and enhances global competitiveness. Deep tech often emerges from cutting-edge research and innovation. AGU has 6 engineering departments; computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics engineering, industrial engineering and nanotechnology engineering. Although, AGU was founded in 2010 and has fewer academicians than universities in Tukey, according to Scopus data 1547 documents have been published by AGU academicians. In which, 559 documents are related to engineering, 378 documents are related to computer science and 376 documents related to material science. In addition, 150 completed and ongoing projects covering the field of deep tech have been carried. These data demonstrate that, AGU is sufficient and enthusiastic about deep tech talent training.

The Turkish Ministry of Development’s Socio-Technical University Model for Higher Education was used to establish AGU as a state university. The first cross-sectorial initiative for a hybrid university model, this pilot project began in 2010 to change higher education. More than 700 collaborators from universities, corporations, NGOs, and others developed it. AGU has the intellectual capital to innovate and promote the university’s third purpose, “Societal Impact,” in Turkey and beyond. AGU, a research university that solves global problems through collaboration and learner-centered methodologies, aspires to create citizens who can affect the future by transforming knowledge into economic and social values. UNCHR, UNDP, UN Academic Impact, SDG Universities, Global Solutions Initiatives, Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and others collaborate with AGU. AGU’s Strategic Strategy, Climate Action Plan, Zero Waste and LEED Certificates, ISO 14064:2018 Certificate, etc. are also outstanding contributions to sustainable development.

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