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4D Consulting Kft. (Projexel) is motivated to join the EIT Pledge and contribute to the goal of educating 1 million learners by 2025 on deep tech. As an experienced innovation agency with over a decade of expertise in evaluating and mentoring Horizon Europe research projects, we are well-positioned to develop specialized deep tech entrepreneurial courses. Our unique understanding of EU innovation and technology funding allows us to create targeted edtech content that aligns with the EIT’s objectives. By leveraging our knowledge and network, we aim to educate learners through our collaborations, focusing on empowering communities with deep tech skills and fostering their social integration and employability.

4D Consulting Kft. (dba Projexel) is an innovation agency with 10+ years of hands-on experience in the expert evaluation and mentoring of international research projects within the Horizon Europe framework. We are a new education course developer, dealing with specialized EU innovation and technology funding related edtech development.

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