AEROSPACE MARKET: management, technologies, commercialisation

Learn about business opportunities in the dynamically growing market of space services, technology and innovation with this course, which covers all areas of the organization of space market.


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Course Presentation

This course is an integrated introduction to the world of space innovation and business opportunities. It is designed for students, researchers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs who are interested in the commercialization of outer space. You will learn about the basics of space science, space technology, space settlements, management and legal aspects of space activities, the current market for space services and technologies, as well as directions for the expansion of this market, space diplomacy and trends in the space industry.

Students are expected

  • to provide theoretical, methodological and empirical analysis of current problems in the field of development and use of outer space;
  • to have an in-depth understanding of a wide range of areas related to the space industry, including, but not limited to, space law, philosophy, diplomacy, space technology, management and economics in the space sphere;
  • to understand the laws and features of the development and functioning of the space industry;
  • to develop of convergent, divergent, critical, creative thinking and analytical skills to analyze and evaluate various aspects of space activity, exclusively with technical, social, economic, legal and ethical issues;
  • to have a deep understanding of ethical issues related to research and use of outer space, and freely obtain this knowledge when making professional decisions;
  • to build skills in the development and implementation of projects in the field of space science and technology, exclusively with the ability to manage projects, coordinate teams and assess risks and results;
  • to acquire entrepreneurship and innovation management skills, including but not limited to private space, which will help them create their own startups or innovate in existing organizations;
  • to understand the political, international and diplomatic context of space activities.

The mastering of the course will be conducted with the participation of outstanding scientists, specialists in the space industry, businessmen and innovators who will work side by side on the space market reasearch and development.

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Alfred Nobel University

Deep tech fields

Aerospace | Automotive & Remote Sensing
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

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Alfred Nobel University


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Skills addressed

space; private space; space technologies; management in the space industry; business models and space economy; space law

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Life-long learners

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Continuously open


Application deadline:

Continuously open

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Alfred Nobel University

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