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When our networks became overwhelmed with connected devices and streaming services, cloud computing saved the day. Now, the so-called ‘cloudification’ of networks is set to unleash a new era of smart connectivity – enabling everything from Industry 4.0 applications to autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and urban infrastructure.

According to some studies, cloud computing is expected to create 1.6 million new jobs. To fill these roles, companies are actively seeking experts and specialists who understand the fundamentals of networking and cloud computing and can use their knowledge to drive innovative new business models. With our Cloud and Network Infrastructures programme, you will build the skills you need to compete for often high-paying jobs, and you will also have the confidence to lead the ‘cloudification’ starting on day one.

The interdisciplinary master’s programme is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of network and cloud computing. We use a combination of face-to-face workshops, group activities, and hands-on exercises to cover a range of topics including network management, operation and design, cloud service and deployment models, implementation strategies and application design.

The Cloud and Networking Infrastructure programme also equips you with practical skills in, for example, edge and fog computing, blockchain technology, distributed ledgers, and next generation wireless technologies. All of this will leave you well-positioned to secure such roles as:

  • Network designers
  • Network planners
  • ICT managers
  • Cloud CTO
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Lead Software Developer
  • Cloud Service Broker
  • Cloud Alliance Manager
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architect
  • Business Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Consultant

To enhance the learning experience, the programme includes an opportunity to apply your new skills and knowledge towards creating new products and services – even help bring them to market.

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Finland, Sweden, France, Italy

Deep tech fields

Advanced Computing / Quantum Computing
Communications & Networks | 5G
Internet Of Things | W3C | Semantic Web


Finland, France, Italy, Sweden

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Certificate provided


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Upper secondary school learners

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Current no dates scheduled

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EIT Digital

EIT Digital is a European innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation that stimulates the digital transformation in Europe for economic growth and quality of life.

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