Autonomous Systems Master Programme

Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, Hungary

Cloud and Network Infrastructures Master Programme

Finland, Sweden, France, Italy

Cybersecurity Master Programme

France, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Romania

Data Science Master Programme

Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands

Digital Product Management


Embedded Systems Master Programme

Sweden, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Estonia

Food Solutions

Germany, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Poland, Sweden

HelloAI RIS: Introducing medical professionals to AI


Innovator Fellowship


Master in Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

Italy, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Austria

Master in Data Science and AI for competitive Manufacturing

Switzerland, France, Ireland, Italy

Master in Food Systems

Spain, United Kigndom, Poland, Italy, Germany, Denmark

Master in People and Robots for Sustainable Work

Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia

Master in Platforms for Digitalized Value Network – Digital manufacturing technologies

France, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy

Master in Smart Mobility Data Science and Analytics

The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Estonia

Master in Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy

Finland, Italy Ireland, France

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