Digital Green Belt

Digital Green Belt: taking advantage from digitalization to rule processes


Wednesday, 2 October 2024


Wednesday, 4 December 2024

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Friday, 20 September 2024

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The 6-Sigma strategy, used with enormous advantages by leading companies, leads to the improvement of the quality characteristics of products and services, reduction of variability through re-engineering of key processes. 6-Sigma, when applied systematically within a precise strategic planning, consequently leads to the reduction of company costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.


In our era, Digitalisation has significantly increased permeation in companies and even the most skeptical people are convinced of this. Therefore, this course aims to update the DMAIC methodology and operational tools, regulated by UNI ISO 13053-1:2014 and UNI ISO 13053-2:2014, showing how digital technologies can increase effectiveness and diffusion at all levels in the company of the 6-Sigma methodology.


Students will develop or strengthen the ability to analyze and improve business processes, using the DMAIC methodology, enabling themselves to simultaneously play the role of team leader of process innovation projects. During the activities they have the opportunity to practice and experience first-hand the collection, processing and analysis of data from real business processes, in order to set up actions to improve effectiveness and efficiency and make their own decisions based on the information and knowledge derived from the data themselves. Obviously variability reduction of processes and ability to acquire technical knowledge from them are the main tasks to which students address. All topics are contextualized from an Industry 4.0 perspective, thus developing the ability to judge and dominate the potentiality of technologies such as IIOT, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin.

Course details


Via Branze 45 Brescia (Italy)

Deep tech fields

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech
Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace | Automotive & Remote Sensing
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (including Big Data)



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Course certification

Six-Sigma Green Belt


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Skills addressed

business intelligence manager, quality service manager

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Upper secondary school learners

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CSMT Gestione S.c.a.r.l.

CSMT is a Technology Transfer & Enterpris Accelerator Centre based in Brescia (Lombardy, Italy). CSMT is located inside the campus of the University of Brescia, and hosts today about 20 different ent..

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