Executive MBA Engineering Management

Upskilling for professionals in the production and technology sector: strong management skills, production know-how, excellent skills in budgeting, cost planning and the evaluation of quality standards, interdisciplinary and leadership skills

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Course Presentation

If you want to pursue an international career as an engineer, the Executive MBA Engineering Management qualifies you as a sought-after professional in the production and technology sector.

In the two basic modules “Leadership & Organizational Behavior” and “Management & Technology Essentials” you will receive economic and technical management knowledge and raise your personal leadership skills to a new level.

In the specialization module “Masterclass”, you expand and renew your specialist technical knowledge and are informed about the latest trends and tools. Here you can choose from three different but equally challenging concentrations, such as

(i) Operations & Supply Chain Management

a two-weeks compact program to prepare our leaders of tomorrow for the future and the challenges and opportunities it requires. Global Sourcing & Supplier Management; Fundamental Economic Model (FEM) of Manufacturing & Distribution Enterprises; Advanced Cost Management Systems; Effective Material Management, Product Data & Engineering Change Management, Product & Process Quality Management

(ii) Deep Tech

a two-weeks compact program designed to provide business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced technologies. Exponential Technologies; Future Thinking and Forecasting; Building an Innovation Agenda for Products, Enterprises, Industry; Designing Competitive Business Models Using Systems Thinking; The Platform Economy; Managing Strategic Product Development; Leading R&D and Technical Teams; Models of Innovation: Internal, Spinouts, Networks; Organization Design in Technology Organizations; Leading Change and Transformation in the Enterprise for the Future of Work; Intellectual Property Strategy and Technology Transfer; Managing Complex Technology Initiatives; Commercialization and Going-to-Market

(iii) Systems Engineering

a two-weeks compact program designed to provide business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to apply systems thinking to product development. Systems Thinking; Systems Engineering Roles; Systems Engineering Vee and Diamond; Stakeholder Needs Analysis; Functional Analysis; Defining System Requirements; System Specifications; System Architecture; Design and Integration; Decision Analysis; Verification and Validation; Engineering Specialties; Agile Frameworks; Systems Engineering Role in Program Management; Risk Management; Model-Based Systems Engineering

A fourth module focusses on your ability to manage international projects and trains you how to overcome potential obstacles related to different cultures, time zones and languages.

At the end of the program you will be asked to devote yourself to a specific topic in the form of your written master’s thesis. You will of course be continuously supervised until you graduate.

Duration & Structure

45 teaching days in 4 semesters with regular start in October; the modules take place in block form mostly from Thursday – Saturday all day. For the specialization, a stay of approximately 2 weeks in Pasadena, California, U.S. is planned. Start in April (summer semester) is possible

Tuition Fee

32 900 €; 2000 € discount for early applications; financial support & funding available

Course details


TU Wien in Vienna/Austria; Caltech in Pasadena/USA; online

Deep tech fields

Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Computing / Quantum Computing
Aerospace | Automotive & Remote Sensing
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (including Big Data)
Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech
Internet Of Things | W3C | Semantic Web
Sustainable Energy & Clean Technologies


Austria, United States of America (the)

Course language


Course certification

TU Wien Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Management & Technology, certified by Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (aaq)


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Skills addressed

leaderhsip, management, tech

Course format


Target group

Postgraduate-level learners

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Course provider

TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE) connects science, technology and business. Since 2005, ACE has been the central contact for postgraduate tech education in Austria. In a world that is i..

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