The objective of the course is to expand the perspectives of young people by providing career introductions and workshops in different fields including Mobile App Development, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and Front-End Web Development, while helping them map out their career paths and become aware of opportunities in the field of technology. At the end of the course, the students will achieve improved technical skills, enhanced 21st-century competencies, increased awareness of career opportunities, strengthened social skills, and successful project completions.

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Course Presentation

Hi-Kod is a 3-stage course that has 52 hours long content in total. At the beginning, the students receive an 8-hour long training where they learn algorithm with Scratch. This part of the course consists of an online path that the students go through on their own asynchronously. At the end of this training the students establish a basic algorithm knowledge before they proceed with software.

After the algorithm training, the course expands into 3 different fields where the students are allowed to choose one that they wish to proceed with. These fields currently include Mobile App Development with Flutter, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with Python, and Front-End Web Development with HTML and JavaScript. The course fields are updated and changed in different periods of the course according to the need analysis of the sector; different fields like Game Development were included in previous periods. Once the students choose one of these fields, they receive a 24-hours long online training in the course of 6 weeks. These workshops are conducted online by an educator in 2-hour long sessions twice a week. At the end of these workshops, the students who entered the course as beginners reach a level where they possess introductory level algorithmic thinking and programming skills.

In addition to the technical workshops, the students receive soft skills trainings throughout the course. These soft skill trainings include GitHub trainings – one of the most important visibility platforms for software developers to access their livelihoods-, role model events, mock interviews and LinkedIn profile sessions. These soft skill training sessions and events add up to 12 hours of content.

At the end of the workshops, the students deliver a group project with their learnings from the course. The completion of this project is a requirement for graduating from this course. The students receive a total of 8-hour support from the educators and mentors throughout the 2-week project development process. The completed projects are published in the Kodluyoruz website: Front-End Projects, Game Development Projects, Data Science Projects.

The detailed content of the 3 fields are given below:

Mobile App Development with Flutter:

Flutter Framework

Dart Software Language

VS Code & FLutlab.io Online

Git for homework

Front-End Web Development with HTML and JavaScript:




VS Code





Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with Python:


Jupyter Notebook on Anaconda Navigator

The students can use VS Code or Google Colab if they wish.

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Deep tech fields

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (including Big Data)



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Programming computer systems; using digital tools; solving problems; Git and GitHub skills; 21st century skills; social skills; LinkedIn skills; working in teams; working with others
Software Language skills; HTML; CSS; Bootstrap; JavaScript; Python; VS Code; Google Colab,Flutter; Dart Software Language

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Kodluyoruz (We Code)

Kodluyoruz is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 that is working to create economic opportunity in the field of software for talented but socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Kodl..