Startup Development Technologies

The “Startup Development Technologies” course provides participants with in-depth knowledge that reflects the essence, structure, and components of creating a startup in the Deep Tech field. This course equips students with a systematic approach to startup development, guiding them from the conceptualization of an idea to its full realization. The course also develops the skills and competencies required to proficiently oversee team dynamics, marketing strategies, brand management, and financial aspects to ensure the success of students’ startups.



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The “Startup Development Technologies” course provides a comprehensive exploration of the essential components required to launch startups in the Deep Tech fields in today’s dynamic landscape, spanning across both Ukraine and the global context. The course is delivered by a team of experienced mentors who have a strong background in Deep Tech, with a special focus on IoT (Internet of Things). These mentors come from well-known companies in the Tech and IT sector in Ukraine, such as GlobalLogic, Jibe Solutions, SoftServe, Leobit, and Intellias. This indicates that students will have access to industry experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Throughout the course, participants will get acquainted with the following key areas:
– Business Initiation in the Deep Tech Sector.
– Idea Generation and Validation for Deep Tech Solutions.
– Uniqueness Creation in Deep Tech Products.
– Identification of Funding Sources.
– Engaging Deep Tech Investors and Mentors.
– Promoting Deep Tech Brands in a Competitive Market.
– Generating Public Interest for Deep Tech Innovations.
– Formulating Budgets for Deep Tech Projects.
– Creating Business Models Aligned with Deep Tech Challenges.
– Building High-Performance Teams for Deep Tech Projects and Optimizing Sales.
– Implementing Management Models and Strategies Tailored for Long-Term Success in the Deep Tech Industry.

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The course delivery may vary depending on the location of the learners. In Ukraine (e.g., Lviv Polytechnic National University): Ukrainian students who are enrolled at LPNU or similar institutions may have the option to attend the course in person, with face-to-face lectures and practical seminars, provided the circumstances permit and the institution’s policies allow for on-campus learning. For other learners: Learners, who are not part of the specific Ukrainian institution (LPNU), are typically offered the online option. This allows international students to access the course content and participate in lectures and seminars remotely through online platforms like Zoom or the course website. The course structure is designed to accommodate both in-person and online learning modes to ensure flexibility and accessibility for students, whether they are in Ukraine or in other countries. The choice between in-person and online learning may depend on the individual’s location and circumstances, as well as the policies and offerings of the specific educational institution.

Deep tech fields

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Internet Of Things | W3C | Semantic Web



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Entrepreneurship; Business Planning; Market Analysis; Innovation Management; Project Management; Marketing Strategy; Communication Skills; Multilingual Communication; Problem Solving; Decision Making; Lifelong Learning; Quality Management; Economic Analysis; International Business; Environmental awareness; Leadership; Teamwork; Crisis Management; Presentation Techniques.

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Scientific Park of Lviv Polytechnic National University (SP of NULP)

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