EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative – General presentation

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative is a pioneering programme led by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) that will skill one million people within deep tech fields over the next three years. Deep tech innovations – cutting-edge technological solutions combining fields of science and engineering in the physical, biological and digital spheres  – are indispensable in addressing the most pressing global challenges.

Currently, Europe lacks the talent and skilled labour force necessary to leverage the new technologies for the green and digital transition. As part of the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, the EIT will address the talent gap by developing a strong deep tech talent pool across Europe.

To achieve the goals of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, deep tech courses will be offered by the EIT as well as funding to develop and scale new or existing learning materials in deep tech. In addition, the EIT will also mobilise its network of over 3200 partners to create a powerful alliance of training providers, companies, higher education institutions, public authorities and financing partners. They will all contribute to the objectives of the Initiative through the Pledge for Deep Tech Talent. Any organisation with an interest to participate in the creation of Europe’s deep tech talent pool is invited to join the Pledge.

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