Contributing to the development of the next generation of innovators: A conversation with Miguel Garcia from Sploro

“New times bring new challenges and paradigms. The AI revolution will impact how we train people, how they learn, and how they approach their work and training sessions. We’re in the midst of a revolution enabled by technology, which will have a profound impact on training.”

In a recent interview with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Miguel Garcia, CEO and founder of one of our Pledgers, Sploro, shared insights into his innovative company. Based in Spain and operating across Europe, Sploro is committed to supporting entrepreneurs, researchers, and university affiliates interested in establishing their own businesses.

Miguel explained: “We provide them with funds and training through various programmes tailored to their specific needs. Achieving a successful venture is always a significant challenge.”

Sploro primarily targets researchers, and the company’s programmes cover a wide range of next-generation internet technologies, including artificial intelligence, photonics, quantum cryptography, and blockchain.

“All ICT deep tech-related technologies are covered by our programmes. We have a programme called NGI Sargasso which focuses on next-generation internet technologies. It provides business development training specifically for individuals from scientific backgrounds, and teaches them how to set up and run a successful venture.”

Discussing the skills gap and the challenge of nurturing talent, Miguel highlights that it’s a problem everywhere.

“Getting the right people with the right skills to develop new ventures or businesses, especially from scientific environments, is challenging. Often, people want to pursue their scientific careers and overlook business development. They might not even realise the opportunities available.”

Miguel highlighted the motivation behind Sploro joining the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative: “We want to raise more awareness about our programmes and connect with networks we’re not currently engaged with. Being under the umbrella of the Initiative is beneficial for our programmes.”

Miguel emphasised that Sploro strives to incorporate technological advancements into their work, ensuring their training programmes remain relevant and impactful for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. By joining the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Miguel aims to widen the network and visibility of Sploro and find new opportunities for collaboration.

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