EIT Community Event: Explore the EIT ecosystem opportunities for innovation, education, and collaboration

The EIT Community Event on Monday, June 10, offered a valuable opportunity for start-ups, business creation teams from KICs, and participants in the EIT ecosystem’s programmes to explore the support and resources available for innovation, education, and collaboration across Europe and beyond.

Francesca Barisani, EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Chief of Outreach, alongside colleagues from EIT Strategic Synergies, EIT Global Outreach, and EIT Strategic Regional Innovation, represented EIT Strategic Education, underscoring their commitment to systemic change through education.

Here are some of the available opportunities across the EIT Community.

EIT Strategic Education

EIT Community Education focuses on skilling, reskilling, and upskilling talents. Programmes like Girls Go Circular, EIT Alumni, and  EIT Campus support innovation and talent development.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative aims to train one million talents by 2025 in deep tech. The flagship initiative is characterised by a rapidly growing Pledger community, its deep tech training platform, in-person and online events, networking, visibility and funding opportunities for Pledgers.

The Call for Training Proposals of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, closing on June 20, seeks collaborative projects to pioneer deep tech education in Europe, with funding up to €2 million.

EIT Strategic Synergies

EIT Community AI supports AI-driven projects and ventures with resources, training programmes, and networking events. It promotes responsible AI use across Europe. The AI Challenge 2024 connects AI solution providers with challenge owners to address key issues in corporations and urban areas. This initiative encourages cross-sector collaboration to enhance the development of AI technologies for efficient, sustainable, and resilient systems. This year, there are 12 challenges, with applications open until June 30. Full details are available here.

New European Bauhaus (NEB), an extension of the European Green Deal, explores ways of living that value design beyond functionality, promoting harmony with nature and cultural dialogue. Catalyse NEB is a one-year accelerator programme offering business training and mentoring for start-ups in the culture and creative sectors. Core values include sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion, with no application deadline for start-ups and scale-ups.

Supernovas, an EIT Community initiative, aims to increase female presence in entrepreneurship and investment. The Rocket Up programme supports female-led tech ventures in Europe, while the Women Leadership Programme empowers female innovators through training and mentoring.

EIT Global Outreach

EIT Global Outreach connects European and global innovation ecosystems, offering Q2Scale and Calling2Scale Health to help start-ups scale internationally. Bridging the Horizon and Bridging the Atlantic programmes foster collaboration between Europe, Israel, and the US through virtual round tables and matchmaking events. The Calling2Scale US Landing Program prepares European entrepreneurs for US market expansion.

EIT Strategic Regional Innovation

This community tailors activities to boost innovation in eligible countries, linking local ecosystems to the EIT’s pan-European network. The annual Jumpstarter programme, opening next in January 2025, helps innovators validate ideas and create viable businesses. It has successfully launched 124+ start-ups, raising EUR 120M in funding.