EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum: the Deep Tech Talent Initiative presented to partners and stakeholders  

This week we had the chance to present the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative during the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum: Materials for Battery Innovation, held on 10–11 October in Darmstadt, Germany.

The event surpassed expectations, setting new standards for collaboration and innovation in the field of energy storage. Hosted by EIT RawMaterials in partnership with Technologieland Hessen, the event brought together leading experts, researchers and industry stakeholders from around Europe to discuss the latest developments in battery materials and their potential impact on the future of energy.

During the conference, the Deep Tech Talent Initiative was presented to all stakeholders. Francesca Barisani, Outreach and Stakeholder Manager of the Initiative presented its objectives, the tools that it offers to upskill people in deep tech fields, and the immense impact it can have on Europe. Francesca expressed her enthusiasm for the event’s success, stating, “The Expert Forum: Materials for Battery Innovation has exceeded our expectations in terms of participation, engagement and the quality of discussions. We are now opening connections with key actors in the field willing to join the Deep Tech Talent Initiative”.

The forum featured a dynamic lineup of keynote speakers, including Christine Harzer, Learning Professional and Project Manager at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Ekaterina Laakso, Associate Professor at LUT University, Jon Guisasola Uriarte, Electrolyte and Sustainability Process Engineer at BASQUEVOLT, and Philippe Barboux, Emeritus Professor at Chimie ParisTech.

The event’s success highlights the crucial role of materials innovation in advancing batteries for clean energy and electric mobility. The insights and partnerships established at the forum will profoundly impact battery technology and deep tech as the world prioritises clean energy solutions.

If you wish to join the expanding talent pool of deep tech innovators and want to enhance your skills in the field of raw materials visit our courses page here.

Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s innovators are set to shape the future of Europe in the coming years, and the initiative is dedicated to providing them with the finest training to ensure their success.

If your organisation wants to be at the forefront of deep tech innovation driving positive change for the future please contact info@eitdeeptechtalent.eu.

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