The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative activities continued this week in Gdańsk (PL) on 28-29 November at the Future Skills Forum 23, organised  by Intel Corporation, one of our biggest Pledgers.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative run the session Strategic Importance of Deep Tech, focusing on how to develop research and education programmes in various deep tech fields, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing technologies. The panel \focused on the strategic role of deep tech to safeguard employability, growth, and innovation in Europe.

The session, moderated by Natalie Cernecka, the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Manager, featured an interesting panel discussion with experts from various deep tech fields.


Adrian Bablok, Project Manager EIT Manufacturing Central, in charge of EIT AI Community.

Bogdan Ludwiczak, Head of Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Technologies Department, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center / Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe (PCSS)

Marta Materska-Samek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Jagiellonian University and Interim Action Programme Director Education / Talent Scaler EIT Culture & Creativity

Mateusz Molasy, Ph.D. Eng., Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Radek Novák, Czechitas, in charge of Cybersecurity Academy for Women

Anna Ostaszewska, Ph.D. Eng., Dept. of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology

For two days, the INTEL Future Skills Forum 23 provided a platform to discuss not only the challenges resulting from major developments in deep tech, but also the question of how future skills can be shaped. With pledgers such as the Intel Corporation, the initiative aims to have a lasting impact on the European deep tech education landscape.

Soon the Intel® Digital Readiness Programs (globally in partnership with governments, academia, civil society, and industry stakeholders) will be available on the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative platform to upskill current and future workforce to use AI in their work environment.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s adult education is specifically tailored to a non-technical professional audience. For more information, have a look at our courses !