Insights from Rasa Strumskyte, Co-Founder & VP Business Development at Talent Garden

Picture of Rasa Strumskyte, Co Founder of Talent Garden

Rasa is passionate about growing impact-driven ventures and for the last +12 years, she has been initiating and running various initiatives across Europe.

In 2014 Rasa joined the founding team of Talent Garden which after rolling out a European network of coworking spaces is now paving the way towards the future of education.

During our conversation, led during the Web Summit in Lisbon, Rasa Strumskyte, from Talent Garden, a prominent Pledger, shared her views on the digital skills gap and how she thinks professionals need to prepare for the future through upskilling and reskilling courses.

“Last year, we trained 25,000 students in future skills, and future skills are everything from digital to deep tech. And our aim is to ensure continuity by offering an environment where the freshly learned skills can be trained.”


Rasa observes a shift towards lifelong learning as an integral aspect of career growth. She notes a diverse participation from both genders, and particularly a growing demand from young professionals at the early stages of their careers.

But what else is needed in our rapidly changing society?

For Rasa it matters very much to refocus on meaning and purpose while learning. She emphasizes purposeful learning and emotional intelligence as cornerstones of a prospering society.

“Soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, will become even more important in the coming years when it comes to educational opportunities and the fear of missing out.”


Rasa also emphasises the need to collaborate in the field of education. The importance of cooperation for the reskilling and upskilling of people in Europe is growing.  And it is one of the main reasons why she wants to support the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative to train one million talents by the end of 2025.