Mapping skills and identifying skill gaps in Europe

The EIT Community stands at the forefront of innovation, championing collaboration and synergy within deep tech. However, to fully understand where skill gaps exist, we need a map that visualises existing skills.

The Skill Sync tool, created by the EIT AI Community, will enable policymakers, educators, and organisations to identify available skills and skill gaps in Europe, and, more importantly, recommend courses to help them take the necessary steps to fill them.

What is the Skill Sync tool?

The Skill Sync tool is an advanced platform with access to a substantial global database comprising over 30,000 courses and around 5,000 start-ups (including those supported by EIT and EIC) and offers a comprehensive perspective on the way AI education and development are approached.

The tool enables the assessment of workforce expertise within companies featured in the database and facilitates the strategic identification and recommendation of AI-related educational courses based on diverse criteria such as subject, provider, location, and duration.

The tool’s sophisticated recommendation system not only identifies skill gaps within companies which need to be addressed to boost innovation but also proposes relevant courses to bridge these gaps effectively.

A screenshot of the live Skill Sync interface taken at a specific time. The map shows the set of start-ups working in the selected fields, some supported by EIT KICs.

Relation with ESCO ontology

The Skill Sync tool uses ESCO as the standard nomenclature to normalise and compare the skills and occupations of the start-ups and courses in the database. These skills are identified and estimated through Natural Language Processing and AI models.

By comparing the normalised ESCO skills of both courses and businesses, the Skill Sync tool identifies skills lacking in each company and produces tailor-made recommendations on courses that teach those skills.

Where can I find out more?

You can download the Skill Sync Tool report here.