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Together with our partner institution we aim to develop a training program focusing on machine learning tailored specifically for the needs of material scientists, a field where AI methods are often not yet part of the regular curriculum. In this course, we will provide participants with practical skills for advanced data analysis, material prediction and experimental design using AI. The training will be available both online and (in part) in-person. This offers flexible participation for European learners and the possibility for networking locally with other material scientists interested in integrating deep tech methods into their analytical toolkit.
The teaching and subsequent challenge will be conducted by an interdisciplinary team of experts experienced in academic teaching and professional training from the fields of machine learning, computational materials science, computer and data science, measurement techniques and image processing.

AI4matter GbR offers comprehensive education and consulting services tailored specifically for material scientists looking to enhance their skills in the field of artificial intelligence. We provide in-depth training to help scientists and professionals harness the power of machine learning in their research and development projects. Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

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