Our pledge
Commitment to participate and support the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s mission, objectives, ambitions, ethics and activities.

AQUADAT is a Water Deeptech empowering industries and public bodies to achieve water sustainability and resilience through:

> Advanced Diagnosis: 360º characterization through Satellite, Drones, IoT, Geophysics, …
> Digital Solution: Digital Twins.
> R&D: Geospatial Deeptech / intelligence; Quantum sensing.

Passion and commitment to transforming water challenges (and nexuses) into opportunities

Water Deeptech researching and engineering solutions for water challenges & nexus.

MIT Water Innovation Prize finalist and Galileo Master regional winner. H2020 Green Deal Seal of Excellence (awarded by the European Commission) and INNOVATIVE SME Seal (awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation). In 2022 selected among the 35 European organizations by EIT for the Innowise Scale – Community Water Scarcity programme. Since 2023 part of the Bizkaia Industrial Quantum ecosystem.

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