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ATAM Robotic and Software Technology is dedicated to pioneering advancements in the field of robotics and software solutions. Our commitment to joining the EU Deep Tech Talent Pledge is driven by our core mission to develop and deploy cutting-edge technologies that solve real-world challenges. Through this pledge, we aim to contribute to the deep tech ecosystem by sharing our expertise and innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and clean technology applications. Our involvement in the Deep Tech Talent Initiative will further enable us to collaborate with academic and industry leaders, thereby enhancing our educational outreach and promoting a culture of continuous innovation and skill development. This commitment reflects our dedication to shaping the future of technology and nurturing the next generation of deep tech talent.

Atam Robotic and Software Technology is a pioneering technology start-up dedicated to transforming the future of urban transportation through the development of a cutting-edge Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle. Our mission is to provide a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation alternative that addresses the challenges of traffic congestion, pollution, and energy consumption faced by modern urban centers.

Our VTOL vehicle focuses on integrating two advanced systems, the Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and the Energy Efficiency System (EES). The CAS leverages state-of-the-art sensors and machine learning algorithms to identify and avoid obstacles, significantly enhancing the vehicle’s safety. The EES optimizes energy usage through intelligent flight paths, battery management, and innovative propulsion technology, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Atam Robotic and Software Technology is in the electronic and mechanical design phase of the VTOL vehicle, with the CAS and EES software components successfully tested within the Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) development project. Our next steps involve refining the design, building a functional prototype, and conducting further validation and pilot programs.

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