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Joining the Deep Tech Pledge to run a comprehensive training program on cybersecurity for women and committing to training 50 individuals in 2024 and 2025 aligns perfectly with Czechitas’ core values and mission. Here’s a short rationale highlighting why Czechitas wants to be part of this initiative:

Empowering Women in Tech: Czechitas has been on a mission to empower and encourage women to engage in computing education and career transitions since its inception in 2014. By participating in the Deep Tech Pledge, we are reinforcing our commitment to breaking down gender barriers in the tech industry. Our comprehensive cybersecurity training program for women represents a vital step in empowering more women to pursue careers in technology, thereby challenging traditional gender stereotypes.
Tech for All: Our organization firmly believes that technology is an exciting and accessible career direction for everyone, regardless of gender. By running this training program, we demonstrate that a career in tech is not inherently difficult and should never be limited to one gender. This aligns perfectly with the spirit of inclusivity and diversity that the Deep Tech Pledge promotes.
Social Impact: What began as an initiative to provide female students in the Czech Republic with programming opportunities has evolved into a larger social mission. Joining the Deep Tech Pledge allows us to extend our impact by addressing pressing cybersecurity challenges. By training 50 women in cybersecurity in 2024 and 2025, we contribute to enhancing the overall security landscape, ensuring a safer digital environment for all.
Global Collaboration: The Deep Tech Pledge offers a platform for global collaboration and engagement with like-minded organizations and initiatives. By being part of this movement, Czechitas can tap into a wider network of resources, expertise, and support, strengthening our efforts to promote gender equality in tech education and careers.
Sustainability and Long-Term Change: By participating in this initiative, Czechitas is not only making a short-term commitment but also investing in long-term change. Building a diverse talent pool in cybersecurity is essential for the industry’s sustainability and resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats.
In summary, joining the Deep Tech Pledge and committing to cybersecurity training for women is a natural extension of Czechitas’ mission to empower women in tech and challenge gender stereotypes. It represents a significant step toward a more inclusive, diverse, and secure tech industry, aligning perfectly with our organization’s core values and broader societal goals.

Czechitas is a Czech non-profit organization that has emerged in 2014 with the purpose to empower and encourage women to engage in computing education and career transition. It demonstrates that tech is an interesting career direction that is not necessarily difficult nor, more importantly, limited to one gender. Initially established to provide female students in the Czech Republic with an opportunity to put their hands on programming, it now aims at achieving a major social change.

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