K8 Institut fuer strategische Aesthetik gGmbH

K8 Institut fuer strategische Aesthetik gGmbH

Our pledge
Develop and offer at least 5 demand-driven Deep Tech state-of-the-art training programs in our thematic area.

K8 is an RTO. As a research-based transformation organization, we focus on cross-sector involvement in processes of change in our region at the borders of Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Our holistic transformation approach provides a research framework that ensures coherence and regional impact across projects.

In recent years, immersive media strategies, design, and co-creation have become central to our work, and we cooperate with partners in our cross-border region (France, Luxembourg, Belgium) as well as internationally (Canada, India) in this innovation area.

K8 co-developed and is now a member of a regional co-creation hub designed to facilitate collaborative prototyping (including digital fabrication as well as ai / data sandboxing activities) together with partners involved in smart regionalization activities.

We are involved in the start-up phase of the new EIT Culture & Creativity whose vision for the creative sector and its innovation ecosystem is to support cross-sectoral development and deployment of deep tech.

We are convinced that creative uses of deep tech are key to the transition to a more decentralized, federated and sovereign digital infrastructure (we are also active in Gaia-X and share its vision of a federated dataspace architecture).

Since we expect the the integration of decentralized dataspaces and decentralized finance to become more important, blockchain / tokenomics / defi play a growing role in our entrepreneurship-focused activities (training as well as start-up / scale-up support).

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