AI for Youth

Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. They need the right skills and resources to understand what AI is and why it is important in the digital world they live in. In 2019, Intel rolled out an AI Digital Readiness Program AI for Youth in partnership with governments to empower non-technical 8 – 19 year-old youth with appropriate skillsets, mindset, toolsets, and opportunities to use technology impactfully and responsibly in the AI-fueled world. Through modular, hands-on learning experience of up to 200 hours, students can learn technical skills such as computer vision, national language processing, and statistical data and social skills such as AI ethics and bias reduction, problem-solving, and AI solution building.

Intel has rolled out the Intel® Digital Readiness Program globally in partnership with governments, academia, civil society, and industry stakeholders. This shared value and shared responsibility program portfolio aim to demystify and democratize tech superpowers like AI for broader diverse and non-technical audiences, irrespective of their location, gender, and ethnicity.

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