Artificial Intelligence Applied for Energy

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The energy industry in Europe is undergoing a continuous transformation due to climate variability and change, resulting in new challenges and opportunities for market players, distribution and transmission operators, regulatory authorities, and consumers.

Energy systems digitalization and automation help this technological transition. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can optimize the operation of systems that generate large volumes of data and automate parts of the processes to lower costs and improve overall activity. For this reason, this course addresses the implementation of AI for energy systems to align with the roadmap established by the EU through the Green Deal Plan.

AI can add value to all engineering domains. Given the nature of technologies used in this field, the transition to a more automated power grid based on intelligent systems is slow. With this teaching program, we envision helping the industry embrace and acknowledge the benefits of AI by presenting the proper materials. The didactic material covers the basic concepts of AI algorithms and offers rich resources for software implementation with state-of-the-art software resources.

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