Commercialization Reactor’s Startup Creation Methodology

Developing and implementing proprietary educational and training instruments that would help transform talent into winners by inspiration, education/training, communication and providing access to opportunities via proprietary pre- incubation/incubation/acceleration methodologies proven to be effective for over a decade in specific domain of Deep Tech Startups.



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Course Presentation

Commercialization Reactors’ “Startup Creation Engine” is an educational, transformational and fusion process platform for scientific and entrepreneurial talent. Process that is designed to cross both worlds into mutualistic symbiotic relationships by forming Deep-Tech Startup together and utilising each others strongest sides.

For the past years the educational-transformational process of Commercialization Reactor has created opportunity for thousands of people getting exposed to Deep Tech Startup creation culture catalysing creation of over 145 Startup Teams from which 65+ are currently invested and evolving. This is a result of the special process designed, educated and trained by specialists, experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

The process involves:
1. (5 weeks) Educational Program 1. Aimed for letting talent explore the domain of Deep Tech Startup creation for both: Scientific and Entrepreneurial talent.

2. (2 days) Matchmaking. Creation. Learning. Workshops. Aimed to catalyse creation of startups teams between Scientific and Entrepreneurial talent.

3. (8 weeks) Educational Program 2. Aimed for Boosting teams into investment-readiness through a special educational and training program.
The program is as guide on principles and strategies around morphing the “science-based TRL stage 4 initiative” into business overcoming TRL stage 9.

Breakdown of the Processes (1-3):

1. “Cutting Edge Entrepreneurship Program”, which is subdivided into further 2 targeted groups for:
A. Scientific-minded people through “Commercialization Dive” course, describing various types and cycles of Deep-Tech startup formation as well as educating the Scientific talent on ways how to commercialize their scientific achievements.
B. Entrepreneurial-minded people through “Ignition Qualifiers” course that is explaining how regardless of the speciality of the background (does not have to be academic) through business leadership to make your venture successful.

The Aim: to trigger positive paradigm shift by introducing talent to “A-Z Specifics of Deep-Tech Startup Creation Process & Lifecycle” from a perspective of experienced Deep-Tech startup founders, educators and specialists from venture capital, industry, academia, entrepreneurship.

Apart from being program lead by experienced entrepreneurs, globally acknowledged specialists in business development as well as inviting acknowledged business schools of different regions to contribute for delivery of the best program –
the “Cutting Edge Entrepreneurship” program’s cycles also act Qualification for “Ignition Event” and “Founder’s Dive”.

2. “Ignition Event” – being a 2-day event, where pre-validated scientists pitch their Scientific achievements in order to attract pre-qualified ambitious entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are searching for their next big business challenge

3. “Founders’ Dive”. The special 8-week training and education program to subsequently support startups become ready for pre-seed investment. It allows scientists and entrepreneurs to engage in formal business development under close supervision and program execution, receiving their first investment within 3 months from dedicated Investment Funds.

The amount of hours dedicated for training and homework is indicated in the attached table.
IQ – Ignition Qualifiers.
ENT – Entrepreneurs
CD – Commercialization Dive
SCI – Scientists
IE – Ignition Event
FD – Founders’ Dive

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Deep tech fields

Advanced Computing / Quantum Computing
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Materials
Aerospace | Automotive & Remote Sensing
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (including Big Data)
Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Communications & Networks | 5G
Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Electronics & Photonics
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Energy & Clean Technologies
Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | Metaverse


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

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Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Team building, Technology Transfer, Science Valorisation, Creativity in Application Funding, TRL development planing, Industrial pilot development

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Commercialization Reactor

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