Food Solutions

Food Solutions brings together multi-disciplinary teams to tackle real-life industry challenges and develop innovative new solutions for the food system.

Mentoring by industry experts and teaching delivered by our academic partners equips teams with the specialist knowledge they need to tackle their challenge. This is paired with a thorough course on innovation and entrepreneurship, led by world experts, to take students through their entrepreneurial journey from scoping out a potential market to pitching their final concept to industry at the end of the programme.

What You Will Achieve

  • Analyse the food system and identify a problem that can be addressed by a sustainable solution
  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team and mobilise resources to develop a solution to a food system problem
  • Evaluate a target market and competitors in order to assess the commercial potential for a product innovation
  • Critically assess alternative product concepts to craft and communicate a sustainable value proposition
  • Iteratively design a prototype using MVP (minimum viable product) principles
  • Adopt technologies and techniques to deliver an innovative product and viable business case

Teams from previous Food Solutions cohorts have gone on to establish their solution as a start-up venture!

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