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Course Presentation

In this master class, we give you deep insights into mobility technologies and future-oriented mobility infrastructures. In order to realize the goal of effective passenger and freight transport with zero-emission mobility, it is essential to anticipate long-term developments and transition paths towards new mobility technologies in time and to develop the appropriate infrastructure. New business models taking the new technological and infrastructural aspects into account are the basis for the success of future mobility offers.

Contents & Key Learnings

(i) Mobility Technologies
You will learn

  • to assess trends, long-term developments and transition paths toward new mobility technologies and formulate their prerequisites as well as opportunities and risks and to evaluate the use of technologies
  • to shift journeys to environmentally friendly means of transport and routes as far as possible and to organize the necessary traffic efficiently.

(ii) Mobility Infrastructure
You will learn

  • to assess the significance and characteristics of future mobility infrastructure
  • to independently develop solutions for the design of future mobility infrastructure
  • to be able to actively shape zero-emission mobility by the year 2050

(iii) Mobility Platforms and Business Models

You will learn

  • to develop and evaluate new business models in the field of mobility transformation
  • to evaluate technological and infrastructural aspects and adequately incorporate them into specific business models.

Duration & Structure

onsite teaching throughout 1 Semester; 4-5 training blocks of 3-4 days each (usually Thu-Sat), full day

Tuition Fee

7490 €; financial support & funding available

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Deep tech fields

Advanced Materials
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (including Big Data)
Communications & Networks | 5G
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech
Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | Metaverse



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Postgraduate-level learners

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TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE) connects science, technology and business. Since 2005, ACE has been the central contact for postgraduate tech education in Austria. In a world that is i..

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