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Vilnius University Business School (VUBS) belongs to one of the oldest European universities, Vilnius University. It is a part of the extraordinary ecosystem of scientists, entrepreneurs, labs, students, and alumni across the world. The DeepTech Entrepreneurship programme is a unique Master of Science (MSc) programme that blends science and business to prepare students to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. After successful graduation, each student acquires a Master’s Degree in Business Management. The duration of the program is 1,5 years and comprises 90 ECTS. The programme has been designed and implemented in cooperation with the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Provided by: Vilnius University


Monday, 2 September 2024


Monday, 12 January 2026

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Thursday, 4 July 2024

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Course Presentation

The programme aims to educate LEADERS at the intersection of science and business, with a deep understanding of technology, data science, innovation management and entrepreneurship. Vilnius University Business School seeks not only to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed but also to EMPOWER them as future professionals to integrate into the innovation ecosystem and to grow transformative organizations that will advance to bridge THE WORLD of technology and entrepreneurship.

The programme is developed in three major areas: technologies, entrepreneurship and strategic leadership. The compulsory courses are the foundation of MSc, and the students also select option courses depending on interests and career aspirations, like laser technologies, software development process, creativity and communication, etc. In this particular programme students have the option to pursue a research thesis or to engage in their own developed start-ups mentored by Vilnius University professors, investors and Lithuania-CERN Business Incubation Centers.

The programme includes a study visit to CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), allowing students to assess the possibilities of developing a new product or service for their designed start-up. In the career paths of students, the programme equips the students with cutting-edge innovation knowledge and business skills so that they could assure in future Europe’s role in the global INNOVATION and DIGITAL economy.

This programme is designed for individuals from across Europe, and globally, with a strong interest in technologies, entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership. The ones who have the desire to address sustainable development issues by developing technological solutions with commercialisation potential.

Course details


Vilnius University Business School

Deep tech fields

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech



Course language


Course certification

Vilnius University Master Degree Diploma


Course fee

Duration (hours)


Certificate provided


Skills addressed

Transversal skills and competences:
– processing information, ideas, concepts;
– planning, organising;
– dealing with problems;
– thinking creatively and innovatively.
– self-management skills;
– social communication skills;
– applying environmental skills;
– applying entrepreneurial and financial skills;
– applying general knowledge.

– communication, collaboration and creativity;
– information skills;
– management skills.

S8 – working with machinery and specialised equipment

Course format


Target group

Postgraduate-level learners

Quality check





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Course provider

Vilnius University

Vilnius University Business School (VUBS) belongs to one of the oldest European universities, Vilnius University. It is a part of the extraordinary ecosystem of scientists, entrepreneurs, labs, stude..

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