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Master Degree in Quantum Science and Technology @ Barcelona

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The Master in Quantum Science and Technologies is aimed at graduates in Physics, Physical Engineering or equivalent degrees who want to continue specialization studies in Quantum Science and Technologies. The master provides access to 60+ cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research groups across 3 universities and 4 research centres, working on quantum communication, computing, materials, sensing, and simulation, fields aligned with major pillars of the European Quantum Flagship. The program is taught by 30+ expert professors, and covers the core concepts of quantum science & technology, as well as practical tools and techniques. Engagement with industry is prominent, with high-tech companies actively participating in teaching, offering internships, seminars and a careers symposium. The program provides access to PhD programs at the participating institutes, and will advance the future careers of students interested in working in academia or industry in this exciting and fast-moving field.

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University of Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ICFO, ICN2, IFAE, BSC

Deep tech fields

Advanced Computing / Quantum Computing
Advanced Materials
Electronics & Photonics
Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech



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Quantum Circuits, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Quantum Optics, Condensed Matter

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Postgraduate-level learners

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University of Barcelona

Universitat de Barcelona, UB, is a public university, offering quality education and research and engaging with society. UB combines a deep academic tradition with cutting-edge scientific knowledg..

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