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S3E Start was designed by HiSeedTech for research teams with deep tech projects, grounded in a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation that want to explore the path from the lab to the market. 

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S3E Start was designed by HiSeedTech for research teams with deep tech projects, grounded in a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation that want to explore the path from the lab to the market. 

The starting point of the program is a technology proposed (in the application form) by each participating research team. Over a period of 18-weeks teams will receive online training that will help them understand the process that will lead to the develop of a business case for a product (or service or process) grounded on the proposed technology (hour and a half every week) that will be the outcome of the program. Additionally, participants will be offered webinars on topics relevant to the development of the business case (one hour every two weeks), mentoring (hour and a half every two weeks) and advisory on the last two weeks to fine tune the final presentation.

In each class a set of deliverables will be given to the teams . Those deliverables provide the building blocks to assemble the business case.

S3E Start is driven by an internationally proven process for technology commercialization that was specifically developed for deep-tech projects. The hands-on approach of the process guides the research teams in the development of a business case for a product grounded on the scientific discovery or engineering innovation with which the team applied to the Program. So, the participating teams will acquire skills in technology commercialization and science-based entrepreneurship using their own project and a set of deliverables.

The outcome of S3E Start will also better position the participants to apply for public or private funding, because it will help them link their science to market needs and validate the assumptions that support the arguments to justify the creation of social and economic value.

S3E Start is part of Southern Europe Entrepreneurship Engine project. This is an EU-funded project under the European Innovation Ecosystem initiative of Horizon Europe (Grant agreement ID: 101072135).

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Deep tech fields

Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Materials
Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Electronics & Photonics
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Deep Tech
Internet Of Things | W3C | Semantic Web
Sustainable Energy & Clean Technologies


Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo

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Free course

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Skills addressed

Technology Commercialization, New Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Case Development, Market Research and Analysis, Business strategy, Project Management, Communication and Presentation, Intellectual Property (IP) Management, Funding and Investment, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving, Collaboration and Teamwork, Market Validation and Product-Market Fit.

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Postgraduate-level learners

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Course provider

HiSeedTech – Associação para a Valorização do Conhecimento

HiSeedTech is a private NGO that aims to bridge the gap between science and the market.

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