HiSeedTech – Associação para a Valorização do Conhecimento

HiSeedTech – Associação para a Valorização do Conhecimento

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HiSeedTech team has been providing a programme to upskill research teams in science-based entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation, since 2004. This program is designed for research teams with deep tech projects, grounded on a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation that want to explore the path from the lab to the market. It is a 4 months long hands-on experience that uses an approach that is based on TPM linkages. The T stands for Technology, and each new technology has unique characteristics, and those characteristics enable a set of capabilities. Once the uniqueness of those capabilities is well understood, participants go looking for markets that have an unmet (or ill-met) need. Once the teams identify the market that they believe can address, then they have to come up with the specific way they’re going to translate those capabilities into fulfilling the market need and that is through a product or a service. The product has to be able to have features that fulfil the requirements for those markets (e.g. certifications, cost, size). So matching the capabilities to the features in the product in the market is the core of commercialising a new technology. Once a T-P-M linkage is selected as the most promising one, the team starts building a business case around that product/service concept. Through the program, teams will have access to training, webinars, and mentoring with industry experts. In an Open Day at the end of the program, the teams will pitch to an audience full of business people, investors, and stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem. So, overall, the program is a learning by doing experience that aims to provide skills to researchers in knowledge commercialization to enable them to: (i) link Science & Technology to product and market needs; (ii) better communicate science to a non-scientific audience; and (iii) evaluate the different paths to move the technology to the market. Overall, we provide the tools for researchers with early stage deep tech projects (TRL 1-5) to cross the value of death, having trained 800+ researchers and supported 50+ startups.

The decision to join the Pledge was driven by a desire for international exposure to our training programs through the Deep Tech Talent initiative platform, networking opportunities with EIT and its Knowledge & Innovation Communities and Pledge partners ecosystem, and to gain insights into deep tech educational best practices.

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the deep tech ecosystem, contributing to the New European Innovation Agenda. To learn more about our impactful programs, please visit the following links:
[2023-2024] S3E Start: https://south3e.eu/program/#s3e-start
[2024-2025] HiTech: https://hiseedtech.com/programs/hitech

HiSeedTech is a private NGO that fosters the creation of social and economic value from R&D carried out within the innovation ecosystem. Our initiatives are grounded upon a collaborative network that links companies, researchers, investors, and start-ups to bridge the gap between science and the market. HiSeedTech team has 19 years experience in deep tech training, helping researchers crossing the valley of death, and was recognized with a Stanford Entrepreneurship Educators Award.

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HiSeedTech – Associação para a Valorização do Conhecimento



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