BBC StoryWorks film shows how Girls Go Circular is bridging the digital gender divide

EIT Health has released a short film produced by BBC StoryWorks showing how Girls Go Circular is helping to bridge the gender divide through the lens of Girls Go Circular graduate Kelly, who is now studying electrical and computer engineering at university thanks in part to the programme, and secondary school teacher Evgenia, who shares why she got involved with the programme. Through their eyes, you will learn why Girls Go Circular is so important, how it works, the life-changing benefits it brings to students and the impact it has on society.

The Girls Go Circular Programme is a key part of the EIT Community Education portfolio. It’s an EU-funded education programme that equips girls aged 14-19 across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills through an online learning platform on the circular economy.

Through the Girls Go Circular learning platform, students have the chance to explore courses on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Smart and Healthy Cities, Semiconductors, and deep tech innovations revolutionising the world to make it more sustainable. And in just 3 years, Girls Go Circular has trained over 40,000 schoolgirls across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills. As these girls gain vital digital skills and insights into the circular economy, they become ambassadors for change, paving the way for greater female representation in STEM subjects.

In 2023, Girls Go Circular joined forces with the Deep Tech Talent Initiative as a Pledger, with the aim of helping the younger generation develop an interest and passion for science and technology, and raise awareness of the importance of deep tech skills in tomorrow’s (and today’s!) careers. Together, we have sparked the enthusiasm of dozens of thousands of girls to become innovators and entrepreneurs, begun closing the skills gap in STEM at early ages, and are contributing to reducing the gender gap in STEM fields.