Bridging Gaps: Transforming training and recruitment – A Dialogue with Carla Moll Pinto from Generation Spain Foundation

“Breaking down biases in hiring practices for entry-level tech talent and fostering connections between graduates and potential employers is a challenge, but one we’re determined to overcome.”Carla Moll Pinto

In a recent interview with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Carla Moll Pinto, Partnership Manager at Generation Spain, shared insights into how its collaboration with the initiative helps to empower individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the deep tech industry.

“Our mission aligns perfectly with the goals of the initiative – to empower individuals with the skills and support needed to succeed.”


Carla explained that, as a non-profit organization, Generation Spain is dedicated to reshaping the educational and employment landscape in Spain, pointing out that dismantling biases in hiring practices and fostering connections between graduates and potential employers isn’t easy.

While Generation Spain supports unemployed individuals in securing sustainable and quality jobs, particularly among the high number of Spain’s unemployed youth, it also plays a pivotal role in transforming recruitment and hiring strategies, particularly in the deep tech sector where employers still struggle to hire entry-level talent.

However, she stressed that Generation Spain’s training approach goes beyond technical expertise, prioritizing essential soft skills crucial for employability. For example, the organization provides training for employment in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) free of charge and equips learners with the tools they need to excel in both technical and soft skills, thus enhancing their access to the job market.

Despite challenges in bridging the gap between training and job placement, especially for mid-career professionals seeking entry-level positions in deep tech, Carla emphasizes the need for employers to reevaluate their hiring practices. She highlighted that 62% of employers believe recruitment processes for entry-level tech roles need adjustment.

Furthermore, Carla underscored the untapped potential of mid-career and older workers (aged 45+) in the job market, noting that Spain’s long-term unemployed group often comprises individuals over 45 with lower educational attainment, who have been jobless for an extended period, typically exceeding a year.

As a Pledger of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Generation Spain seeks to empower learners through collaboration and innovation.

“Collaboration and Innovation will help to reshape the future of talent acquisition and make a tangible difference to people’s lives.”