EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative appoints Advisory Board members

We are delighted to announce our new Advisory Board, comprised of eight members, all of whom are experts in various deep tech areas and who will help us reach our goal of one million trained talents by the end of 2025.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s Advisory Board plays a vital role in the Initiative by providing expert advice and insights on matters related to deep tech areas of each member’s expertise, innovation and education, assisting with community outreach and strategic planning activities, and acting as ambassadors of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative.

Meet our new Board members:

Cristina Baghiu, Co-Founder – European Digital Innovation Hubs Network (EDIH), Technical University Gheorghe Asachi, Romania

“I am honoured to be part of this exceptional Board and hope to be able to contribute and support the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative reach its 1 million learners’ objective.”

Michal Dżoga, Director for Strategic Partnerships & Country Manager (Poland), Intel Corporation

“I firmly believe that upskilling and reskilling the future workforce are essential steps for Europe to thrive in the era of deep technological revolution.”

Marta Materska-Samek, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Media Economics & Advertising, Jagiellonian University, Poland

“I joined the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative to empower people with deep tech skills and inspire them to explore the boundaries of creativity.”

Caroline Mol, independent, former edX-2U, Spain

“I firmly believe in partnerships between different constituencies to enhance impact on a large scale and offer diverse learning opportunities for individuals across the EU.”

Cosimo Musca, Deputy Head of Italian Public Affairs & Programs Management Director, STMicroelectronics, Italy

“My engagement with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Advisory Board is motivated by our shared vision of igniting innovation and empowering Europe’s technological future.”

Petia Radeva, Professor (Mathematics and Informatics), University of Barcelona

“Promoting young people to get professional opportunities and find their way in the deep tech world is of the highest importance for me.”

Professor Dana Redford, President, Policy Experimentation and Evaluation Platform (PEEP), Portugal

“I want to contribute to shaping a skilled workforce that harnesses AI and other cutting-edge technologies for transformative change.”

Vicente Traver Salcedo, Director ITACA-SABIEN group (Technological Innovations for Health and Wellbeing), University Professor – Universitat Politècnica València

“I strongly believe education is the most powerful mechanism to get a better world.”