Meet the EIT Deep Tech Talent Community!

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, in its quest to train 1 million talents by the end of 2025, recently launched a new platform feature aimed to support learners (the talents) with an interest in skilling, upskilling or reskilling in deep tech.  This new feature on the platform will facilitate the path to career growth and expertise in deep tech for adult learners in companies and on the job market, pupils, and students of higher education with an interest in deep tech. The Talent Community functionalities will steadily grow and create a community where talents and Pledgers will be able interact and network.

What is the EIT Deep Tech Talent Community

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Community is an online space for learners (our deep tech talents) who want to benefit from the EIT Deep Tech Talent training in a personalised way!

By creating an account on the platform, individuals who want to upgrade their skills in deep tech will be able to:

  • Build their own profile based on their preferred courses and deep tech areas
  • Get a personalised offer by the platform’s AI-based Course Matching Tool
  • Be visible to our partnering organisations and companies (Pledgers)

And more features will soon be available on the platform, allowing learners to:

Connect and interact with other deep tech learners and enthusiasts

Marking courses as favourites to save for future reference

Keeping track of the learning path by storing and downloading the completed course certificates

Benefit from matchmaking in an exclusive community, and find deep tech related jobs and opportunities

Who should sign up?

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Community welcomes all learners from different stages of life who are interested in skilling, reskilling and upskilling in deep tech.