The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Debuts at Lisbon Web Summit

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) Deep Tech Talent Initiative team made a significant impression at the Lisbon Web Summit, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing talent in deep technology.

With over 70,000 delegates converging on Lisbon from over 153 countries, our team was able to engage, network and exchange ideas with various attendees, including education and training providers, start-ups, and deep tech industry insiders. The initiative’s booth attracted hundreds of attendees eager to learn about its diverse range of programmes, how to join the Pledge or explore alternative ways to engage with EIT Deep Tech Talent.

Beyond our booth’s activities, we hosted an informative masterclass entitled ‘Empowering Europe’s Talents in Deep Tech’ – which provided attendees with an in-depth exploration of the initiative’s origins and progress. Our panel of dedicated Pledgers, committed to providing deep tech education, initiated the discussion by sharing invaluable insights. Attendees actively engaged with our Pledgers, exchanging questions and acquiring valuable information about deep tech and educational pathways.

Why the Web Summit?

Bringing the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative to exhibit at the Lisbon Web Summit 2023 aligns with our goal of expanding the initiative’s reach by attracting new organisations to our community. As the Web Summit stands as one of Europe’s largest tech gatherings, the diverse audience presented us with the opportunity to raise awareness about the courses on our platform and how potential Pledgers and talents may benefit from joining the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative. The summit served as an ideal platform to showcase our programmes, engage with a global audience and foster collaborations.

Meet the team!

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s participation at the Web Summit was assured by EIT Community members.

Meet some of the Pledgers

We were fortunate to have some of our Pledgers join us at the Web Summit, acting as ambassadors for the initiative. Meeting them face to face at the summit booth was an invaluable opportunity to glean insights from experts in deep tech education.

Throughout the year we will be releasing spotlights from Pledgers that feature insightful information, from their motivations behind joining the pledge to what their involvement in the initiative can do in terms of reaching our goal to train a million talents by 2025.

Life at the booth

We were delighted to witness a vibrant stand bustling with activity throughout the event. From coffee sipping and indulging in cake to making new connections through networking, it was a testament not only to the sustained interest in the initiative but also to the team’s skill in delivering the initiative’s message.

Our primary aim was to spotlight the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative. However, it became clear that explaining the broader scope of the EIT organisation was necessary too. As attendees understood our mission, they eagerly connected by scanning our QR code, demonstrating a keen interest in delving deeper and expanding their understanding.

Throughout our presence at the Web Summit, we encountered many thought-provoking questions. Some of these inquiries sparked fascinating discussions and offered us insights into potential directions for the initiative’s evolution. For a glimpse into just some of the questions that inspired us, check out:

EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative at Web Summit

Life around the booth

Even away from our booth, the team remained highly productive, activley reaching out to organisations to learn about their educational programmes and how we can support their training efforts.

We took full advantage of the diverse array of talks available at the Web Summit, aiming to grasp emerging trends and insights. For instance, attending a session on EdTech shed light on the anticipated evolution of education toward greater agility. The discussion highlighted the rising availability of customised educational content through apps that not only offer education but also provide mentoring and career support.

Fun fact from the Deep Tech Talent Initiative booth!

I think it is safe to say that the most impressive takeaway from the whole event is how much coffee was consumed by the team and visitors at our stand: 459 cups of coffee served in three days!

Win-win moments from the team!

Presenting a curated collection of standout #WINNING moments from our experience at the Web Summit:

  • Gaining 163 new followers on LinkedIn within a week!
  • Signing up a new Pledger committed to training 360 women affected by domestic violence. Stay tuned for the official announcement.
  • Inviting Pledgers to join us at the summit; listening to their invaluable insights into their aspirations within the Deep Tech Talent Initiative and beyond will enable us to adapt our approach to suit.

Key takeaways

Discussions on and off the booth highlighted the growing recruitment needs of expanding businesses and the potential for talent generated by the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative to support these companies’ skilled workforce requirements. Organisations emphasised the importance of blending soft skills with technical expertise in education and training, essential feedback we’ll be looking at.