Unveiling the Future: A Conversation with Michell Zappa from Envisioning

In a captivating dialogue with Michell Zappa, a technology futurist and the Founder of Envisioning, we addressed the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

Humans, he says, are already molded around technology in ways we barely comprehend, and there is no way to reverse the fast-approaching AI tide.

Unlike traditional fields where expertise demands years of specialized training, AI offers a unique opportunity for rapid experimentation and innovation, to embark on coding adventures and create impactful solutions in record time. Only embracing the emerging technologies will enable us to be prepared for the organizational impact.

As a Pledger of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Envisioning is offering online workshops on technologies which help organisations navigate the vast landscape of emerging technologies and understand their implications. These web-based tools serve as invaluable resources, distilling complex information into accessible insights.

“We aim to cater to those interested in understanding the intricate ecosystem surrounding emerging technologies, particularly AI, and how it can be harnessed for co-creation and innovation.”

These workshops, he explained, include hands-on, interactive exercises with the Envisioning Tech Radar as well as its generative AI co-creation tool which leverages machine intelligence to augment participant creativity.

“While our focus is broad, we anticipate engaging with a diverse range of participants eager to delve into the fascinating world of deep tech.”

Delving into the realm of deep tech, Michell emphasised the importance of understanding and harnessing emerging technologies to shape the economy of the future. Despite Europe’s lag in this domain, he recognized that initiatives like the EIT Deep Tech Talent hold promise in strengthening the region’s impact on the global stage.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s Tech Radar, a digital tool built around 35 technologies relevant to deep tech was launched to help learners (talent) and organisations (Pledgers) explore deep technology topics.