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What is the future of humanity? What is the cultural and methodological logic that can help us realign humanity with the evolution of both nature and technology? These are the types of questions that we help answer. AEGIS’s work is rooted in a deep understanding of methodologies for futures design frameworks and both biomimetic and anthropologically aware technological design that can help us guide and automate the way we produce new technologies and augmented experiences that enhance human knowledge, instead of distracting us and fragmenting our cultural fabric. Our goal is to provide the EIT Deep Tech network with the ideologies, practical frameworks, methodologies and incubation processes that can enable us to develop not only incredible, immersive experiences but also, and more importantly, allow immersive technologies to become paths for cultural evolution and a better understanding of our world’s ethical, environmental and physiological needs.

AEGIS is an incubator for philanthropic innovation, addressing complex global challenges by realigning humanity with nature and technology. We develop strategies, frameworks, and programs rooted in scientific principles, to guide both local and large-scale future plans. Our metaphilanthropy approach involves futures design, co-creation, and societal engineering, fostering ecosystems of regenerative action. AEGIS aims to create a symbiotic future where human activity, technological growth and societal evolution coexist harmoniously.

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