Alentejo Science and Technology Park

Our pledge
Although PACT does not yet have formal deep tech courses, it has developed 5 bootcamps in robotics, and is active in supporting the aeronautics, robotics and circular economy sectors.
PACT’s motivation lies on the development of the Alentejo region as a pillar of the economic growth and sustainable development of a technological and innovative hub that interlinks academia and business. In joining the Pledge, PACT expects to join a network of similarly-minded highly committed institutions that mean to provide the tools for entrepreneurs to flourish in applying Deep Tech in creating groundbreaking solutions that can move economically underdeveloped regions like Alentejo forward in time.
Observing the talent drain of Portugal’s inland cities, PACT looks to participate in an initiative capable of fostering highly specialized talent and retaining it through entrepreneurship activities, linking talent with already-existing companies, and providing services to incentivize a network of local stakeholders capable of turning the Alentejo region into a more technologically-focused economy.

The Alentejo Science and Technology Park was created by the University of Évora in an effort to facilitate the knowledge transfer between the academic and business environments, where it currently leads the Regional Technology Transfer System. PACT works in boosting technology, entrepreneurship and innovation across various areas, namely through the implementation of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in areas such as aeronautics, health tech, circular economy, and industry 4.0.

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