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We are aware that the development of these technologies requires not only innovative ideas, but also highly qualified professionals who can implement and further develop them. To this end, we run training and mentoring programs that bring young talents together with experienced professionals from the deep tech industry and support the development of their careers and skills. We also create knowledge and experience sharing platforms that bring together experts from different fields and encourage collaboration between them. In addition, we work with a number of academic institutions to ensure that our activities are always at the cutting edge of research and technological trends. Joining the Deep Tech Talent Initiative allows us to fulfill our mission, share our achievements and be inspired by other industry leaders.

Algebra University is the largest private educational institution in Croatia and an accredited HEI with offices in 28 Croatian cities. Algebra currently offers ten undergraduate and eight graduate programmes. Algebra has been included in the EC’s Smart Specialisation Platform as a fully functional Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). It has its own incubator for technology start-ups, the oldest and most successful in Croatia. Algebra has over 20 years of experience in managing EU-funded projects.

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