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The Makerspace Garage is motivated to join the Pledge for Deep Tech Talent Initiative to actively contribute to the development of Europe’s deep tech talent pool. Our commitment stems from a dedication to fostering innovation, promoting hands-on learning, and advancing sustainable practices. As a collaborative hub for cutting-edge technologies, we pledge to offer specialized courses in additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and nature-inspired solutions. Our track record of international collaborations, STEM workshops, and contributions to the Biomimicry Institute in the Western Balkans showcase our commitment to empowering individuals with deep tech skills.

The Makerspace Garage, a non-profit innovation organization, fosters a diverse community of makers, entrepreneurs, artists, and educators. Our well-equipped environment encourages creativity and positive social impact, specializing in cutting-edge technologies like additive manufacturing. As representatives of the Biomimicry Institute in the Western Balkans, we lead initiatives on nature-inspired solutions.

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