Our pledge
We strongly believe in Europe’s advanced role in energy decarbonisation and we are fully aware of what this role implies in terms of sovereignty preservation and high level education standards. As a start up, we both benefit from the European research level/competences of our talented team, and owe in return to sustain this high level internally and in the European ecosystem. Thus our motivation to join the Pledge, as a start more to learn than to teach, but hopefully later on in a more balanced position.

CLHYNN is proposing a disruptive green hydrogen fuel cell technology that will accelerate the energy transition in mobility through its self-production of hydrogen, and make it sustainable through its choice of non-critical materials.
The innovation relies on both the self-production of hydrogen thanks to a solid state source of hydrogen reacting with water, and the sustainability of the materials selected for the fuel cell (non critical raw materials, no PFAS)

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