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The activities carried out by the EIT DTTI are in line with the mission of G-LAB S.r.l social enterprise, the operational structure of the Golinelli Foundation which enhances and disseminates its experience.
Joining the pledge helps G-LAB S.r.l social enterprise achieve the common goal carried out by the EIT DTTI of training Deep Tech innovators and experts in Europe in the next future.
G-LAB S.r.l social enterprise is already developing and providing education and training opportunities within deep tech, in particular it is focusing on life sciences. It offers training courses on the frontiers of microscopy and bioinformatics, two important training topics, with researchers from the best Italian research centers.

G-LAB S.r.l., a social enterprise, was established in 2018 with the mission of spreading the rich educational and training legacy of Fondazione Golinelli, which has been active for over three decades and is located in Bologna. The Foundation itself was founded through the visionary commitment of entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli. G-LAB is specialized in the development of comprehensive educational projects. These initiatives are highly adaptable to the specific requirements of educational institutions and are designed to complement the expertise of educators. The organization offers a wide range of scientific and interdisciplinary laboratory activities tailored for educational institutions at all levels. Moreover, it champions educational innovation by harnessing digital resources and fostering the growth of national educator networks. In addition to these endeavors, G-LAB S.r.l. also creates advanced training programs aimed at university students, researchers, PhD candidates, and healthcare professionals.

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